SA-MP Weapon statistics showcase.

Gun statistics.

The following table displays statistics regarding most guns in SA-MP. ("guns" as in weapons which are shot, not melee or other "weapon" objects.)

Some data was taken from game DAT files, some other data was gathered with in-game testing.
Please note all of this data is for maximum skill level only.

Name SA-MP const[1] Damage Mag. capacity Fire rate[2] Range[3] Weapon slot Note
9mm PistolWEAPON_COLT458.25340.19335.52
Silenced 9mm PistolWEAPON_SILENCED13.20170.33835.52
Desert EagleWEAPON_DEAGLE46.2070.61435.32Fire rate can be dramatically increased through the usage of C-Bug. [4]
ShotgunWEAPON_SHOTGUN3.3010.95041.63Shoots a total of 15 pellets. [5]
Sawn-Off ShotgunWEAPON_SAWEDOFF3.3040.11037.63Shoots a total of 15 pellets. [5]
Combat ShotgunWEAPON_SHOTGSPA4.9570.27141.13Shoots a total of 8 pellets. [5]
Country RifleWEAPON_RIFLE24.7510.950100.66
Sniper RifleWEAPON_SNIPER41.2510.950300.06Max fire range is also SA-MP's maximum streaming distance.

In some cases the SA-MP const might make the name seem wrong, but that's what they actually are.

Array form.


[1] These values are defined in and can be used in place of the numerical weapon IDs when scripting.

[2] Time in seconds between one shot and the next.

[3.1] Distance in SA-MP units, sometimes equated to meters. Round up ~5-10 units to account for lag if using in a script.

[4.1] C-Bug the act of abusing crouching state/animation to skip cooldowns.

[4.2] It is used on Deagle and CSG to fire shots faster. It is used on Sniper rifle to regain walking ability faster after off-scoping.

[5.1] A shotgun's maximum damage is the damage of each pellet * the amount of pellets which hit their target.

[5.2] A script made by me to calculate shotgun shot accuracy based on damage/pellets is available here.

All guns have a damage type of INSTANT_HIT.

Other weapons

The following table reflects information about other miscelaneous weapons.

Name SA-MP const Damage Range Damage type Weapon slot Note
Rocket LauncherWEAPON_ROCKETLAUNCHER83.0010.6PROJECTILE7Explosive. Creates fire on impact area.
Heat-Seeking Rocket LauncherWEAPON_HEATSEEKER83.0011.04PROJECTILE7Explosive. Creates fire on impact area.
Satchel chargeWEAPON_SATCHEL83.009.23PROJECTILE8Explosive. Projectile sticks to objects.
GrenadeWEAPON_SATCHEL83.0010PROJECTILE8Explosive. Range approx.
Molotov CocktailWEAPON_MOLTOVN/A10PROJECTILE8Range approx. Impact does no damage, but sets area and players on fire.
8Effect disabled in SA-MP. Only generates white smoke particles.
FlamethrowerWEAPON_FLAMETHROWER8.25N/AAREA_EFFECT7Causes players and objects in area to catch fire
Fire ExtinguisherWEAPON_FIREEXTINGUISHER0.33N/AAREA_EFFECT9Puts off fire from both objects and players. Damages players, stuns them for ~10 seconds (choking).


- Damage on Explosive weapons is the max if in the middle of explosion. Decreases the further away you go.

- Range is the range of the explosion effect, not the range of the weapon itself.

- AREA_EFFECT and MELEE weapons cause their listed damage per frame. Players with higher framerate will die faster, and will also generate faster calls to OnPlayerTakeDamage.

- SA-MP Lag Compensation has no effect on any of these weapons. Only on guns.


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